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Hey, I’m cakecatboy, and thank you for visiting my site!

I’m an artist and virtual streamer! I prefer they/them pronouns, but I won’t correct you mid conversation, I’ll know if you are referring to me and that’s all that matters!

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!Warning for the gallery pages!

I created a lot of niche fetish content for these communities, and that is reflected in my gallery (more prominently in older years). Please understand that a lot of this work is VERY nsfw and if you are prompted with an age gate, to make sure you’re okay with the following content before continuing!

Trigger warnings:

  • weight gain
  • fat/bbw/bhm
  • stuffing – focused
  • breast expansion
  • hourglass figures
  • vore
  • oral kink
  • incest pairings
  • micro/macro

If such types of content are upsetting for you, please consider not browsing the galleries! I want to keep everything easy to access for those that know me for such content, but I will do my best to keep sfw + nsfw pages labelled properly!