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Merch Store Launch

SO BASICALLY I HAVE MERCH NOW 😀 It’s just a couple of tees over on my streamlabs merch store, but I honestly feel so elated and happy to have been able to create a tshirt design I love 😭

I’ve already purchased one, and so has thwaz and ferm ;w; My heart is gonna explode I swear. 😭

If you like the design and wanna snag one for yourself, click here to visit the store.

I make $4 on every women’s tee design, and $6 for the men’s shirts! The rest is cost to streamlabs for printing, materials, storage, and back-end web hosting costs. (which is really really a good price to be fair)

Thanks for listening to my ‘ad’ 🤭 I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY SHIRT TO GET HERE!

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