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Comfy Companion Project Expansion Cancelled; Files Released For Free

Hey everyone! Sorry that this will be a little bit of a read, I’ll include a tl;dr at the bottom for easy recap 👌

I’ve been struggling with finding free time to work on the project for a few months, and my personal life has taken quite a hit with the pandemic situation (including sick family members and a possible layoff situation). It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to work on the project, and with the current situation I still wanted to do something so I will be releasing all the game files free for download.

Feel free to take any of the character sprites, writing, backgrounds, etc and use it for your own projects while you’re stuck at home! If you wanted to create a fan-made finished version of the story you can, or you can read the rest of the planned story via the writing Kata has kindly created. All I ask is that if you upload any of your creations, please use this for attribution:

For the artwork and story:

Source: https://cakecatboy.art/
Artist: cakecatboy

For the video animation, include above and this:

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/dr-black-jack
Artist: Dr-Black-Jack

PLEASE READ: There is guest art included created by Just-a-Little-Vore and FishFlavoured, I haven’t reached out to them so please do not use their work for anything without asking them first!

I’ll make sure that when kata’s work is posted, he can also create an attribution for himself.

here is where you can download everything in one package

TL;DR: Project expansion cancelled, ALL files released for FREE creative commons attribution use.

I’ll be eternally grateful all the support and love on this project and I’ll be around for any questions and help you will need! I’m deeply sorry for making plans I couldn’t keep.


  • Silvia Nexus

    There’s no need to be sorry! You don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to this; An expansion for a game that you’ve already spend allot of time and effort into; and now you’re giving people all the assets out to people for free? That’s incredibly generous of both yourself; as well as the others whom have worked on this along side you! If anything we should be thanking you! So thank you! *hugs*

  • Kazuki_Wolf

    Thank you for letting us all explore the project file Cake! Just curious, how can I view the script of the expansion? I’m really curious how the plot was going to shape up ^_^

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