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Rori x Pixel Fic

(update: Dec 5th, 2020) I wanted to take a second to make it clear, while there is a BDSM pet/mommy master dynamic, the characters in the story are all consenting adults, since I took for granted that it was obvious and didn’t think to clarify inside the story. I will keep the story in it’s original form, so please think of this disclaimer while reading. thank you)

Rori slips into his mother’s bed, sighing as his body slumps on top of the covers. The memory foam underneath is soft and comforting against the catboy’s tired limbs. He nuzzles his face into the pillow of the woman he loves, taking a deep breath. Elsie had been gone on a work trip for nearly 4 days now and Rori missed her dearly. Pouting, he rolled around on her bed, tangling himself in her sheets.

Pixel stirred to life in the corner of Elsie’s room, rising from his charging station. The motion detector in his dock had detected movement in the room and it was his standard call to wake up. His eyes had a soft yellow glow as he booted his OS, and they flashed to their normal soft blue soon after he was properly loaded. He approached the catboy with a soft robotic smile, sitting himself down on the bed.

“Go away Pixel…” Rori sulked, his robotic friend just another reminder of Elsie’s absence.

“Vocal patten recognized; Greetings Rori~”

Rori looked away from Pixel with a huff, his tail swishing agitated. ‘Stupid chunk of metal…’ he thought to himself, wishing for his mommy’s soft warm body next to him like always, petting his head.

“Rori; you have one new message from Elsie. Would you like me to play the recording?” Pixel rhythmically spoke, his cool eyes fixed intensely on the downtrodden catboy wrapped in blankets. Rori looked up at Pixel in shock, then immediately smiled and nodded as he grabbed a monitor and plugged it in to pixel’s ear port. Pixel registered the nod as confirmation, and began to play the video message on the screen for Rori.

“Hii my little kitten~” Elsie’s warm glow came on the monitor, her hair up in a messy bun and her tired eyes smiling for her baby. “Work’s been really busy here, and I’m doing my best to get home as soon as possible. You wouldn’t believe the disaster that happened in the lab today!” Elsie talked on, a lump forming in Rori’s throat as he watched, transfixed. He missed her so much and his heart ached to see her. He held the screen to his chest, as he snuggled up next to pixel’s warm core. Pixel turned on his belly’s warm air, making a soft chubby pillow for rori to lay against.

“I hope you’re behaving for Anne, I know she has a baby on the way so she can be a little… emotional.” Elsie went on talking, rubbing her eyes after. “Sorry Rori, I guess I’m more tired than I thought I was. Promise me you’ll take care of yourself, and brush your teeth too, okay? I’ll be home before we both know it.”

Leaning into the camera, Elsie blew a kiss and then yawned as she took off her glasses for the night. Rori’s vision clouded with tears and his heart sank as the video was coming to a close.

” Sweet dreams my little baby~ Mommy loves you~” The video ended, the screen coldly going black. Rori buried his face in Pixel’s tummy, choking back his sadness. They weren’t separated often and it was hard for him. Pixel stroked down his back in a meticulous way, the robot companion trying his best to soothe his upset friend.

“Rori, would you like me to bring your switch to you?” Pixel suggested, going through his protocol of things that Rori liked during past times he was upset. The blonde sniffled in response, muttering quietly.

“It hurts…”

“Can I bring you anything for your pain? we have Advil, heat packs, ice packs-” Pixel was interrupted by Rori putting a hand over his mouth.

“Ice cream.” Rori sat up, pulling his head off of Pixel’s stomach. He watched as the silicon-based belly material deflated back to its original shapely appearance.

“I’ll go retrieve the ice cream from the freezer and bring you a spoon. Confirm?” Rori nodded, knowing that his companion had knowledge of both gestures and words. Pixel rose from the bed and made his way out to the kitchen, moving swiftly and carefully.

Laying back on the bed, Rori pulled his shirt off to dry his eyes. His olive tanned skin was clear and soft, and his fluffy tail matched his pale golden locks. He tossed his shirt to the corner of the room and relaxed once more, getting comfortable.

Pixel returned with the tub of ice cream cradled in his right arm, and a spoon in his left hand. His movements mechanical, he sat on the bed once more, and placed the tub upon his lap. Rori took the opportunity to nestle in against Pixel’s side, pulling the top off the ice cream. Pixel processed for a moment, before turning to smile at Rori.

“Would you like me to list the nutritional information and recommended serving size for Peanut Butter Cup ice cream?” Pixel spoke, his hand reaching to pet Rori’s hair. The chubby catboy laughed with a resounding ‘no’ after, already knowing that he was planning to eat the whole tub.

Rori went to reach for the spoon, but instead he flopped back on the bed, giving a smirk. Since Elsie was gone, he could use pixel however he wanted, he realized. The inner brat coming out, he gave his tummy a pat and opened his mouth.

“Feed me, Pixel…” he commanded, pulling down his pants to really get comfortable. Pixel nodded and confirmed the action back to Rori, bringing the first spoonful to the blonde’s lips. The sweet, milky treat helped calm his knotted stomach, distracting him from his sad thoughts and worries. He could barely finish swallowing before Pixel had another spoonful at his lips, the android’s cold robotic eyes transfixed on his. It made Rori blush, and he looked down at the tub of ice cream again. He could feel his underwear grow tighter and he gulped excitedly, leaning in to be pampered.

Rori opened his mouth again to be fed more. The android moved to feed him at machine efficiency. Rori was left with no time to savour the treat before the next mouthful was at his lips. He struggled to breathe between large gulps, his stomach straining and the cold ice cream giving him a light headache.

He lay back on the bed in agony after they had finished, one hand on his head, and the other on his stomach, squeezing into the side to relieve some pressure. He moaned as he rolled his fingers over his fat, his hands both now rubbing his engorged stomach. The ice cream tub was picked up by Pixel, and the android began to make his way to the kitchen to dispose of the trash.

“Pixel… hahh… wait…” Rori panted, soft moans escaping his lips. Pixel turned to look at the pained blonde, processing the scene in front of him. Rori’s stomach growled loudly, cramping from the sheer volume of food inside it. “I n-need your help… tummy, hurts…”

“I’ll warm your body to assist with your discomfort, okay Rori?” Pixel quickly understood how to help, having experienced a different kind of cramping with Elsie, he knew what to do. He sat the empty ice cream container on a dresser to the side. He walked back to the bed, kneeling over Rori to gaze down at him. Slowly his own stomach grew to press against Rori’s with hot air, bringing both pressure and warmth.

“A-ahhhh…” Rori’s bulge twitched, the pain of his stuffed stomach being pressed on sending his body into a frenzy of pleasure. A heavy burp was forced out, the catboy whimpering after, his arms wrapping around the android’s back. Following his usual protocol, Pixel moved to lick Rori’s neck, his icy blue tongue sliding easily up his exposed skin. Rori nuzzled his cheek against the robot boy, their lips meeting soon after as they clumsily began to make out. They laid together, tummy to tummy, kissing slowly and grinding their rounded bellies together. Their tails met between their legs, wrapping around each other affectionately. Rori reached his breaking point shortly after, pulling away from Pixel’s mouth and panting loudly out of breath. His mind was dizzy, his body feeling hot and heavy all over. He pulled his drawers to the side, taking his cock out into his hand as he began to stroke himself.

“Would you like me to take care of that for you~?” Pixel questioned in a flirty tone. He stroked his fingers through Rori’s hair, petting behind his ears, already starting to pleasure him without confirmation. Rori put his free hand on the android’s shoulder, pushing him lower. Embarrassed, he asked Pixel to suck on it, to which the good boy obliged and wrapped his soft lips around the catboys heat, taking Rori’s fingers and all into his wet mouth. The blonde pulled his fingers out quickly with a gasp, blushing after. Pixel started to bob his head up and down, milking the catboy as his strong grip squeezed the ball of fat above his head.

Rori moaned mindlessly, his hands both moving to the back of Pixel’s head, his hips moving up to fuck the android’s mouth roughly. His stomach sloshed with each slight movement, making him nauseous. It only served to turn him on more, as he was completely drunk on pleasure. He held Pixel’s face in his lap as he came hard, hot cum dumping down into the throat of his oversized fucktoy. Laying there spent and out of breath, Rori’s arms fell to his sides, allowing Pixel to stir to movement once again. He immediately started cleaning Rori’s sensitive tip, eliciting a yelp from the catboy.

“S-sensitive!” he pulls Pixel up toward him, hissing in pain, still struggling to catch his breath. He covered himself, embarrassed. The two catboys lay facing each other, with Rori wrapping his arms around Pixel’s chest. He snuggled into him, closing his eyes and yawning. Pixel processed for a moment, his AI eventually settling on petting and stroking through the blonde’s hair.

“Pixel, can you read me a story?” Rori pouted, inching to be closer to the android. Pixel quickly found a short story from the internet, and it wasn’t long after he started reciting it that Rori passed out against his chest, snoring loudly. The two catboys lay cuddled close that night, limbs entangled, neither of them stirring until the morning when Elsie finally returned.

She walked in and her tired eyes smiled at the scene. She placed her work bag gently on the floor, and made her way over to the bed. She petted Pixel’s hair to wake him from sleep mode, whispering for him to go back to his spot for the day. She thanked him for his hard work, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He carefully moved so as not to wake Rori, walking back to his charger. His tail curled around himself, and his eyes dimmed to a calm yellow, then no light at all as he shut down his system.

Elsie climbed into the bed, in the spot that Pixel left open, pulling her baby to her chest. Rori stirred for a brief moment, seeing the face of his love, and tightly clung to her soft body, sniffling from emotion. She soothed him, petting down his hair and his back, and finally together they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

One Comment

  • PennaKiteWeather

    Very well-written and very sweet!

    There’s loads of clarity with the way every action is depicted, for one thing. While I’m not the most familiar with each of these OCs save for Pixel, just the right amount of exposition lays the groundwork for the rest of the fic. There’s a convincing realness to the way the cast behaves, and I think readers can’t help but be drawn in regardless of their prior knowledge of who’s who — Pixel’s functions as a whole are just real neat to me. I appreciated the smooth transition between cutesy and intimate interaction, and it sells everyone’s favorite android as a dutiful servant, but refreshingly it doesn’t feel like the traditional dom/sub relationship; more like a partnership! And I think that’s what brings out the heartwarming nature of this read.

    On a technical level, the writing is really solid and diversifies itself throughout with sentence-to-sentence structure and fresh details, giving us a balance of sights and sensations. I wonder maybe if some figurative language could’ve accentuated a depiction of what’s going on here or there — not exactly to be fancy or show off, more from a clarity standpoint. There are seldom points (like “stroked down his back in a meticulous way”) which “tells” us the manner, but not quite “shows” it. Regardless of some obscurities, the effect is the same, and by the end I could happily concede I’m a sucker for lovey-dovey catboys.

    I’d definitely be open to reading more scenarios with this cast! Kudos!

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