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just testing out the post settings! by default, the site’s text is white, which makes things a little hard because the post background is white also. So I need to temp-change it in order to write or I need to hope I don’t make any typos. been having a lot of fun, and grotlover2 is helpin me lots, so it’s a journey and a headache (for him) :>

that’s all. just wanted to test this feature out! I am thinking about making the site have a black sidebar and white content, but it’s gonna take some testing to see if it looks any good. mobile is also important to look good since I am a narcissist apparently and wanna check it on my phone all the time cause I’m proud of the site!

hibiki from dumbell anime

I also reaaaaaalllyyyy dislike how the wordpress post font is serif and I CAN’T CHANGE IT IDK HOW AAAA

something for the future…

I wonder if I can add pics while rambling too…?

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