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A manga style webseries started Jan 8th 2021, featuring a cast of chess pieces as humanized OCs and the battles that happen in the games they play. inspired by real and fictional games. an effort is made for accuracy to real situations but it’s not a guarantee. just enjoy the tits.

Pawn-Queen: The main character, takes great pleasure in claiming the black pieces for herself, and moves however she pleases across the board. Used to be a pawn, but the power got to her head.

Black King: The shy leader of the black army. Lacks confidence in himself and his power, he doesn’t move much at a time because of his apprehensive nature. Gets bullied easily.

Black Bishop: A holy man. Takes his duty very seriously, and is constantly moving across the entire board to take down the enemy.

White Rook: Both rooks are serious, strong, and tired. She isn’t one for complicated movements, she prefers things being told to her straight and easy. Rescues the king a lot.

Pawns: Small and hardworking, because of their abundant nature they are often forgotten about or thrown away. Their true power lies in their future potential.

White Queen: Cold and icy, this queen knows what she wants and takes it. Her appearance differs slightly from the Pawn-Queen. Only has eyes for the white king and nobody else.

Black Queen: The definition of a ‘big tiddy goth gf’. While she might lack the sadistic nature of a Pawn-Queen, she makes up for it with a burning hatred of all the white army. Her passion for winning comes from denial about her crush on the white queen.