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Q: Are you open for commissions?
A: Not currently. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the awesome response and I’m only taking casual comms for friends, my community, or for occasional projects I’m interested in. If I open commissions to the public again, you’ll hear about it on my twitter.

Q: How much are your commissions?
A: refer to the first question ^

Q: Can I draw Pixel / your OC/etc?
A: PLEASE DO. And please tag me on twitter so I can retweet it! The twitter fanart hashtag is WIP . I love fanart of any kind! I may not retweet things that are hateful or kinks I don’t personally like, but you may draw Pixel (and my other OCs) however inspires you!

Q: What are your preferences to draw?
A: SFW images, emotes, hourglass shapes, fox/wolf/cat kemonomimi, creepy/cute characters, blondes, simple clothing/swimsuits.

Q: What won’t you draw?
A: The only fetishes I will draw are tummies/fat/mouthplay/light bondage/hourglass/bimbo characters. Anything else, like preg, guro, vore, furry, diaper, inflation, shota, or loli, is not allowed and if you ask for it, your commission won’t get chosen, and depending on how forceful you are about it, you may get blacklisted.

Q: Can I use (any) picture for my icon on twitter/discord/etc?
A: Yes, you may use my original and fan art for such things like icons or headers as long as you provide a proper credit/link to me (@cakecatboy literally anywhere it works) If the original commissioner expresses that they want you to take it down, please respect their wishes and remove it, since they paid for my time to create it. The exception to this is custom commercial use images (ie: not fanart) that was made specifically for someone else to use.

Q: Can I colour this (black and white drawing)?
A: Yes, colour any of my work that you like. You can upload it to sites like twitter/tumblr/deviantart etc as long as you credit me for the creation of the lines.

Q: Can I edit your photo to contain X kink that you don’t draw?
A: I would rather you did not do that, but, you may edit pictures for PERSONAL OFFLINE USE ONLY. Please respect my wishes to not see that uploaded. I reserve the right to file DMCA takedowns on accounts that break this rule, and it may put your accounts on risk of suspension.

Q: How long have you been streaming?
A: I’ve been streaming off and on over the years since 2013, maybe 2-3 times a year, mainly art streams. But in 2019 I was finally able to subscribe to an internet package that allowed for unlimited data, and that meant I could stream as much as I wanted! I started streaming late fall on picarto, then I had my first full-time Twitch stream on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019.

Q: Why did you stop drawing X/Y/Z?
A: My comfort level with certain topics has changed over time. I want to do what is best for myself and also for others. I used to be okay with some content, but now it brings me discomfort, and that’s simply all it is. But anything that involved young-looking anime characters, especially, I used to think it was fine to take as commissions as long as nobody was hurt in the process. No real children were ever drawn by my hand, and I thought that meant there were no victims. I now understand that if you are young, and see images that normalize that type of behaviour, that it can be damaging and warp their sense of what is normal and healthy. It could expose minors to manipulative relationships with adults. I never intentionally meant to create that kind of content but I can see how it could be used in such a way. I have heard stories of minors who found my content when they were underage and I feel responsible, even though it wasn’t directed at them in the first place. I’m sorry for any hurt I unknowingly have caused. I made a commitment to myself to stop drawing that content. I was blind to such things because I had been abused when I was younger and it was normalized to me. I know it is not an excuse, but I hope it helps to explain I never had any ill-intent.

Q: Can I reupload your old content that isn’t on your website?
A: If you purchased the image as a commission, yes, you may reupload it to your own social media. If you did not purchase it, and just ‘miss’ the old art, I would please ask that you do not upload it. Some of the art that is not uploaded brings up painful memories, or it doesn’t reflect my current opinions and beliefs. It would mean a great deal if you didn’t, and I would seek to file DMCA takedown requests, which may put your accounts at risk of suspension.