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All of these images were created by me, using 100% creative commons textures or hand-drawn from scratch! So you can trust that you won’t have to deal with copyright claims or painful royalty fees :> EDIT THESE IMAGES HOWEVER YOU LIKE. Attribution is NOT required! I would love to see any of your streams using the materials, so tag me on twitter if you feel like it!

Stream Overlays

cartoon winged overlay

Comfy Blankets

individual downloads
V1 bulk download + psd
V2 bulk download + psd

Chairs and Couches

individual downloads
chair 2 PSD download
crutch gaming chairs bulk download
couches bulk download + psd

Tabletop / Desktop PNGs

individual downloads
bulk download + psd

Bedroom Assets

individual downloads
bulk download + psd

Misc Accessories

accessories individual downloads
moustaches bulk download + psd
sunglasses bulk download + psd
XBOX controllers + PSD


holidays individual downloads
holidays bulk download + psd

Among Us

individual downloads
crewmates bulk download + psd

Other Games

fall guys individual downloads
fall guys bulk download + psd