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Merch Store Launch

SO BASICALLY I HAVE MERCH NOW 😀 It's just a couple of tees over on my streamlabs merch store, but I honestly feel so elated and happy to have been able to create a tshirt design I love 😭 I've already purchased one, and so has thwaz and ferm ;w; My heart is gonna explode I swear. 😭 If you like the design and wanna snag one for yourself, click here to visit the store. I make $4 on every women's tee design, and $6 for the men's shirts! The rest is cost to streamlabs for printing, materials, storage, and…
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Rori x Pixel Fic (no lewd scenes)

(update: Dec 5th, 2020) I wanted to take a second to make it clear, while there is a BDSM pet/mommy master dynamic, the characters in the story are all consenting adults, since I took for granted that it was obvious and didn't think to clarify inside the story. I will keep the story in it's original form, so please think of this disclaimer while reading. Thank you) Rori slips into his mother's bed, sighing as his body slumps on top of the covers. The memory foam underneath is soft and comforting against the catboy's tired limbs. He nuzzles his face…
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