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Regular Stream Schedule:

Monday…………………6PM – 10PM
Wednesday…………….6PM – 10PM
Saturday……………..10AM – 10PM


Q: Are you open for commissions?
A: Yes. I open commissions every (or most every) Saturday morning at 10 AM EST for my stream. Other than that, I rarely open commissions outside of my streams, and will notify of any upcoming slots on my deviantart or twitter.

Q: How much are your commissions?
A: Currently my commissions are $40 for a black and white picture, extra details may cost more depending on complexity.

Q: How do I obtain something in colour?
A: Currently my colour commissions are not open. They may cost anywhere from $100 – $200 depending on the picture + background or detail required. Be patient and follow me on twitter/deviantart for notices of colour slots opening.

Q: It’s Saturday at 10 AM, I have $40, and my idea, how do I get a picture now?
A: There is a link to a google form to fill out that is open during the stream. After you submit your idea, there is a brief waiting period of about 15-20 minutes while I select which ideas to do that day. I choose based on preference, ease of drawing, cuteness of characters, and other details. Showing up is not a guarantee your picture will be drawn. But you will know within a few minutes if you get chosen or not.

Q: I got chosen! What do I do now?
A: You must be attending the stream during the time your picture is drawn. The reason for this is because the benefit of streams is how quickly your picture can be done while also giving you ample time to point out any errors or inaccuracies in my drawing. (Like if I forget your OC’s tail or something similar.) They take about 2 hours to be drawn, and while you don’t need to be there for other people’s commissions, you’re allowed to leave and come back when it’s your turn. (but if you aren’t there when it’s your turn, you forfeit your turn. If you don’t come back at all, you lose your commission and it will hurt your chances later.)

Q: What are your preferences to draw?
A: SFW images, hourglass shapes, fox/wolf/cat kemonomimi, creepy/cute characters, blondes, simple clothing/swimsuits.

Q: What won’t you draw?
A: The only fetishes I will draw are tummies/fat/mouthplay/light bondage/hourglass/bimbo characters. Anything else, like preg, guro, vore, furry, diaper, inflation, is not allowed and if you ask for it, your commission won’t get chosen, and depending on how forceful you are about it, you may get blacklisted.

Q: Can I submit more than one idea?
A: Yes, but only a single idea per person may get chosen.